CCSNI will make referrals to local community resources for clients who require access to information in an alternative format.


About Us

A Credit Counseling Agency for the Whole Person

We are a nonprofit social service agency that was started in 1982 in Woodstock, Illinois and has expanded services to Lake and Kane Counties.

Our Agency Mission is:
To strengthen and empower communities through counseling, education and serving individuals in matters of housing and personal finance.

We offer a wide range of services, including assistance with housing issues, debt, bankruptcy and student loans. Discover how our highly trained counselors can help you better manage your finances!

We Take a Holistic Approach

We understand that a client’s financial situation isn’t their whole story. For this reason, our counselors look beyond the numbers to see what factors may have contributed to the client’s struggles.

Taking these factors into account, the counselor works with clients to craft personalized plans for financial success. Our clients enjoy the simple and practical steps provided that fit perfectly with their situation.

CCCS clients also appreciate the non-judgmental space provided at a counseling session where their voices can be heard. No matter their background or situation, they receive the same honest and compassionate care from our experts.

We Advocate for Our Clients

Part of helping our clients succeed in their financial management is advocating and working on their behalf. Therefore, we’re always willing to go to bat for our clients in all areas, especially in cases of housing.

Unlike other consumer credit counseling agencies, we are a nonprofit. Because of this, we can focus solely on the person. We won’t let you get taken advantage of because of your financial situation.

Our team will also educate you for a lifetime of fiscal success. We cover budgeting and money management, debt counseling and personalized tips for developing saving habits. Our discussions also address the underlying issues contributing to financial hardship.

We Support Our Communities

We are always looking for ways to give back locally. One program we offer our community is our Financial Literacy Education Program. This program supports local social services, mental health and transitional living services across McHenry, Lake, and Kane Counties.

Our certified educators also often supplement the services other agencies provide to their clients. Our collaboration with agency staff helps to provide comprehensive services to their clients.

We also provide workshops on fair housing, renters’ rights, budgeting, student loans and credit card management. These workshops are offered to the public at no charge through local libraries, townships and community centers.

Experience Freedom from Financial Hardship

The strain of financial struggles can weigh heavily on you. We want to help lighten your load through our credit counseling. If you’re interested in our services, please give us a call to set up an appointment. Our counselors are ready to help!